Foles is Back:


Maybe the concussion helped. What isn’t helping me is having him on my bench in 2 of 3 fantasy leagues.

Credit @RiseofFoles for the picture

New England to Philadelphia Love Affair Continues:

Once again, the Eagles and Patriots help each other out. This time it’s a rare player trade with the trade deadline rapidly approaching.

Isaac Sopoaga is sent to New England after just eight games with the Eagles. He was packaged with a sixth round pick and the Eagles will be receiving a fifth in return.

I have no idea what the love affair is with the Eagles and Patriots, but it is fairly annoying.


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Is It Time:


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What Happened To Home Field Advantage:


Michael Vick knows they suck at home, but what has happened to home field advantage?

Ticket prices. That’s what. Lower bowl tickets easily start in the $200 range for Lincoln Financial Field. With prices that high it’s making the average fun unable to attend Eagles games. What we are seeing are corporate suits buying up tickets, thus eliminating the crazier fans and the home field advantage.

Not only are ticket prices through the roof, but coming to Philadelphia as an away team isn’t a place to be feared. I’ve seen numerous documentaries and interviews where plays said they absolutely hated coming to the Vet. Between the 700th level fans, the turf, and swirling winds within the stadium, it was a place to be feared.


Im not sure how to get this back to Lincoln Financial Field, it is a comfortable environment. All I know is if you are going to the game Sunday, drink a few more beers in the parking lot and make some god damn noise!

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QB Controversy Turns QB Disaster; Beware of Graphic Material:


Over 24 hours after what some may call a football game, I am as furious as I was trying to leave the stadium yesterday. It’s Chip’s first Eagles Cowboys game and, maybe someone didn’t explain the importance of this game for the fans. But, what the fuck was that?!

I was at Lincoln Financial Field. Very excited to be there for I don’t get to too many games. And with every pass that Nick Foles through I was glad I wasn’t in my living room because I would have kicked my tv in.

My last update I was ringing Nick Foles praises and apparently put the jinx on him. What we saw yesterday was a quarterback who was just completely off. No other way to describe it. He’s a nice quarterback but, was completely off. I’d like to know when his concussion was because, if you told me Jason Kelce gave him a head butt in the tunnel on the way out, I would have believed it.

However, Nick Foles accuracy isn’t the entire problem. The fact that he will be out at least one week and, Michael Vick’s health up in the air leaves it to….

I don’t want to say it.

Back in training camp I gave Matt Barkely a quick ripping based on the overwhelming amount of national media singing the super bro savior song. Granted that was back in training camp and clearly has had some time to adapt to Kelly’s system but, I am not looking forward to seeing him as a starting quarterback for the Eagles. If I am a trainer or Michael Vick I am injecting him with any and everything to get him healthy for the Giants.



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